Ads and Celebrities with Olds Trumpets

Harold "Pappy" Mitchell
(55k) Pappy in a (circa) 1939 Olds ad

Rafael Mendez
(59k) Rafael Mendez endorsing the Super Recording in 1949
(98k) Rafael's Olds Mendez trumpet hilighted on album cover
(66k) The French Besson model which was copied to make the Mendez

Jonah Jones
(24kb + 43kb) Jonah Jones and his Super Olds, 1963, Time magazine

Art Schindelbeck
New! (25 kb) Art Schindelbeck with his Olds Mendez, late 1950's

Olds Ambassador
(110 kb) Olds Ambassador ad, The Instrumentalist magazine, 1966

Olds Superstar
(208 kb) Olds Superstar ad, The Instrumentalist magazine, 1973

Clark Terry
(28k) Clark Terry with an Olds Clark Terry model Trumpet
from the 1977 Olds catalog

Blue Mitchell
(64k) Blue Mitchell with what seems to be a Super Olds trumpet and an Al Cass mouthpiece

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