Jonah Jones and his Olds Super
Time Magazine, Dec 13, 1963

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Here's yet one more top trumpeter promoting an Olds, this time the Olds Super.

The ad is for Olin Brass, but its main point is that Jonah Jones selected the Olds Super trumpet as his axe of choice (and that this trumpet, not coincidentally, was made of Olin brass). Jonah Jones (1908-2000) was a prominent jazz trumpet player with Dixieland roots but with a sweet swinging style all his own. He played with many of the greats, including Dizzie Gillespe and Cab Calloway. Perhaps his most famous (or infamous) accomplishment was shooting a spitball at Cab Calloway during a rehearsal. Cab thought Dizzie had shot it, and an ugly confrontation erupted that resulted in Cab being cut by Dizzie's blade, and Dizzie being fired from the band. At least that's the way I've heard the story told.

Based on numerous comments I've received, it appears that the Olds Super trumpet was the preferred horn of many professional players at least through the 50's and 60's, despite the fact that it was not the highest-priced model in the lineup. Great horns!
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