My 1930 "The Olds" Cornet
My 1930 "The Olds" Cornet (serial# 29xx). Bought on eBay in 2000.

This was the first model of cornet made by Olds. As additional models were introduced, this model became known as the "standard" olds cornet in catalogs. Later in the 30's they started engraving "Standard" on the bell.
This cornet was available in three bores: M, LM, and L. The LM and M were smaller cornets, with short valve casings. Mine is one of the small LM models. The large bore model was described as a "large instrument with tremendous weight". These evolved into the Standard cornet later in the decade. The smaller horns seem to have disappeared as the larger configuration became popular.
The above picture shows the horn as I received it from the ebay seller. The mouthpiece pictured above is a Bach 7C which was stuck in the receiver when the horn arrived. The receiver pipe had been replaced to accomodate standard size mouthpieces. The lacquer on the receiver pipe seems identical in color and age to that on the rest of the horn, which leads me to believe that it was replaced while the horn was fairly new. It may have been done by Olds, perhaps as a customization when the horn was delivered new.
The following pictures show the horn after restoration by Rich Ita in 2001-2002.

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