My Collection of Horns
Despite the appearance, my collection has not shrunk. I've done some trading and buying lately, and need to take some new pictures! Click on the picture to go to that horn's page for more pictures and description.
1930 The Olds Cornet
The Olds
1934 Super Olds Cornet
Super Olds
1950 Olds Ambassador Cornet
1955 Olds Special Cornet
Olds Special
1929 Gold Plated Olds Trumpet Serial #150
Olds #150 (gold)
1947 Olds Special Trumpet
Olds Special
1950 Olds Studio Trumpet
Olds Studio
1950 Olds Super Trumpet
Super Olds
1950 Reynolds Professional Trumpet
1954 Olds Ambassador Trumpet
1978 Olds Clark Terry Trumpet
Olds Clark Terry

Past Horns I Have Owned
1921 Conn Victor Cornet
Conn Victor
1997 Jupiter Pocket Trumpet
1950 Olds Studio Trumpet
Olds Studio
1972 Selmer Radial Trumpet
Selmer Radial
1957 Olds Mendez Trumpet
Olds Mendez
1959 Olds Opera Trumpet
Olds Opera
1959 Reynolds Contempora Cornet
1937 Special Olds Cornet
Olds Special

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