Memories fromt the NCSU Stage Band 1972-1976

This was a great time to be in the NCSU stage band--primarily because we got great seats to every home game of the 1974 National Champion Wolfpack basketball team!The pictures below are not the greatest--all I had was a little instamatic at the time.

The view from my seat in the NCSU stage band. Here, David Thompson scores from close range with Monte Towe close behind.

Tommy Burleson with an eye-level view of the rim as he shoots a short jumpshot against UNC. Burleson never lost to UNC during the two years I saw him play for NCSU.

Norm Sloan cuts down the nets after the greatest game in history: NCSU vs Maryland, 1974 ACC championship game

Don Adcock cranks up the band one more time!

Critical free throws, 1974 NCAA Semifinals against UCLA

More momentos from the 1974 championship run.
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