Brass Repair and Restoration Services

The brass repairmen listed below are all excellent choices for repairs and restorations of vintage horns.

Anderson's Silver Plating
541 Industrial Parkway
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: (574) 294-6447
Fax: (574) 295-8884
Robb Stewart (email
140 E. Santa Clara St, #18
Arcadia CA 91006
Robb Stewart is widely known for excellence in restoration of vintage brass instruments.
John Lynch (email is a regular poster to TPIN and has a marvelous reputation for various kinds of brass work.
John T. Lynch
2002 Longpointe Circle
Venice, FL 34293
Rich Ita (email has worked on several of my horns. Rich is located in Marietta, Ga.
Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop
770-420-8700 (Atlanta area)
1-888-527-3601 (outside Metro-Atlanta)
Mark Metzler Brass Repair Mark is highly recommended by people I respect. He turns work around pretty quickly too.
Charlie Melk has an excellent reputation for brass instrument restorations.

Charlie's Brass Works
1545 N. ExpressWay, Suite 302
Griffin, GA 30223
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