Olds Trumpets and Cornets on eBay July-August 2000
Below is a summary of eBay closing prices for Olds cornets and trumpets during five weeks in July/August 2000. Some rounding has been done and some horns have been excluded due to damage etc. For the most part, the only horns considered below are those for which pictures remain online after the auction closed. In a few cases where exceptionally good descriptions are available the horn was included despite no picture being available.
Ambassador cornet307115021
Ambassador trumpet409418023
Special cornet41951383
Special trumpet1142204506
Studio cornet1202504053
Studio trumpet2853454052
Super cornet 228 1
Super trumpet1653004553
Super Star trumpet 255 2
Recording trumpet5006256913
Opera 819 1Reserve not met
Mendez50084012294Silver prices much higher
Custom trumpet 475 1
The Olds cornet 142 1
The Olds trumpet2633354072
Observations: There is quite a bit of variability in the prices which cannot be fully explained by the condition. Some nice horns go unnoticed while other horns stir up bidding wars. Certainly the Ambassador prices are often great bargains, considering how well these horns play.
I've been collecting a few extra pieces of information, including an attempt at assessing the condition of the horns. However I haven't collected enough examples to enable meaningful analysis of smaller breakdowns (ie price of excellent condition Ambassador trumpets). Given the time-consuming nature of this endeavor, this may be as far as I take the effort for now. Of course if you want to volunteer to take things further, feel free to email me ;->

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