1957 Olds Catalog: Trumpets and Cornets

Here are a couple of pics from an old 1957 Olds brochure, graciously provided by Bill Kasper.
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Here is a complete 1957 catalog with all brasses and woodwinds, provided by Alan Shelton.
Cover pageBass trombones (1 of 2)
Olds artistsBass trombones (2 of 2)
Table of contentsAlto horn and mellophone
Ambassador tromboneDouble French horn, Ambassador single French horn
Ambassador trumpet and cornetAmbassador and Studio baritones
Special trumpet and cornetSousaphone
Special tromboneClarinets
Studio tromboneOboes and bassoon
Studio trumpet and cornetAmbassador and Studio saxophones
Super trumpet and cornetOpera alto saxophone and Opera clarinet
Super tromboneParisian saxophones
Recording tromboneSymmetricut reeds and brass mouthpieces
Recording trumpet and cornetFlutes and piccolos
Mendez trumpet and cornetEducational services
Aida trumpet and valve tromboneCases

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