Olds Cornet & Trumpet prices

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Select a year to see the prices inflated / deflated for constant-dollar comparisons. Or select "No Inflation" to see the actual price in the year the horn was sold new. I plan to add more years as they become available.

Calculations are based on June CPI numbers for each year... see this link for the underlying CPI numbers.

It is interesting to compare Olds prices to those of other horns from a similar period. The following table provides a comparison between the 1927 prices of Conn's "New Wonder" cornets & trumpets with the introductory prices of Olds trumpets in 1928/29.
ModelPolished BrassSatin Silver, Gold wash bellSatin GoldBurnished Gold
Conn 2B trumpet "New World Symphony"$90$110$165$190
Conn 22B trumpet "New York Symhpony"$85$100$155$180
Conn 28B trumpet "Concert Grand"$85$100$155$180
Conn 10A cornet "Vocal Wonder"$85$100$155$180
Conn 80A large-bore cornet "Victor"$80$95$150$175
Conn 4A small-bore cornet "Victor"$80$95$150$175
The Olds trumpet$125$150$225$250

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