Important notice for Sellers of Olds Horns

The information at this site is made freely available for the enjoyment and education of all interested parties. However, I will ONLY grant permission to use information from this site in any attempt to sell something, under the following conditions:
  • You must use the information truthfully and accurately, to MY satisfaction. I'm not going to be a pain about this, but if it comes down to a dispute, my opinion is the one that counts.
  • If you mention this site by name or by describing the site, you must provide a link to this site in your auction description or other advertisement so prospective buyers can verify the information for themselves.
  • In no case are you permitted to state or imply that Olds Central, Alan's Trumpet World, or any representative of these sites has given any opinion about the collectability, value or condition of your horn.
If I become aware that an eBay seller has violated these conditions,I will enter negative feedback about that seller on eBay. If I find out early enough in the auction I will attempt to contact the seller first and give him/her a chance to post a correction to the listing and avoid negative feedback, but there are no guarantees that I can get in touch early enough. So please be careful!

In particular, the information from the price calculator on this site has been misused in the past. If you quote any figures from this resource, you must indicate that these are merely original list prices inflated to today's dollars, which is NOT the same thing as the current market value of these horns!
Thank you for using the information on this site responsibly!
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