Christian Unity
About My Beliefs
Readers of this weblog may naturally want to know something about my beliefs and church affiliation. I come from a restoration movement background, having been baptized at the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ in 1976. I believe in salvation by grace through faith, on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. I believe that Acts 2:38-39 provides the promise of forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit to people of all times and places who, upon believing in Jesus, repent of their sins and are baptized into Jesus. I believe there are some issues that are crucial to salvation, and others that are less important. My desire is to form unity with others on the crucial issues and not to create walls of division over things that are not crucial. I have a strong conviction about the original plea of the restoration movement, as articulated in Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address, specifically in the thirteen propositions for unity. I believe that if Jesus were here in the flesh today, he would be working to bring about that kind of unity.

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